It is the season to be jolly. The stores,streets and homes are decorated. The Christmas music is playing and the deals are to be had. This season you can find deals on almost anything.Everything is on sale or there are bonuses for purchases.Great time to buy electronics, winter clothes,gift cards, and even sky miles.

A few I have seen is United Airlines offering 40% discount on purchasing miles, Avianca (Lifemiles) was offering 100% bonus and Virgin America offering 50% off first class tickets. If you are thinking of booking a flight check what the airlines have to offer right now.

There are discounts on gift cards.Check the ads each week to find the deals. If you are giving gift cards for Christmas or just using them for personal use, now is the time to find the discounts and bonuses. Itunes usually has a 15% off at most stores.Good time to buy gift certificates for the restaurants you go to regularly. Those restaurants are usually offering $10 off a $50 gift card.Movie ticket gift cards is another deal. If you can afford to buy for the year, you can score a $50 Regal gift card for $40. You can find $10 off your next grocery shopping trip with the purchase of $100. The secret to using those particular deals is to buy the cards first in separate $100 increments. Get the $10 off and then purchase your groceries, use the coupons immediately. There is an expire fairly quick, so use them up. You can use your mileage earning credit card to purchase for and earn even more rewards.

Check all your balances on the gift cards you have. The store gift cards do not expire but the Visa, MasterCard and American Express depreciate over time.Take a sharpy after you check the balance and write it on the card.This makes redeeming the cards easier.

What great deals have you found? I love hearing about the special savings people got. Nothing makes me jollier than getting a good deal. Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the season.