A Little About Me

MeHello, my name is Wendy Dyer and I am addicted to traveling! I was born and raised in Southern California. My family and I took 3 vacations a year, we spent 2 weeks in Charleston, SC, a week camping and another week somewhere different every year. My dad was a jet engine mechanic for an airlines and we flew standby all the places we flew. My mom was always frugal, I believe that’s how I learned to stretch a dollar. When I was young I thought only the rich went to Europe or other countries. When I turned 18 my cousin asked me to go to Germany to visit my other cousin (he was stationed there). That trip was life changing to me! I toured Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. It was amazing! The travel bug started then. Since then I have gone to the Bahamas, England, Cabo San Lucas, Germany and Switzerland (again), Puerto Rico, France and Monaco. Not to mention many states in the good USA. In October I am going to Italy. I travel frequently and frugally, my plan is to share my ideas with you so you can travel too!


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