There are sky malls for every airline. Since I collect the majority of my sky miles on United, I use their sky mall. Right now is the time to really rack up the miles by shopping online. United’s sky mall is offering a 450 mile bonus if you spend $175 on thru their sky mall. Plus you get 12 miles per $1 spent, free shipping on $99 or more plus the 15% off  ( the promotion code AFFSHOP1).

Here are a few other ones that are offering a few extra miles per $1 spent:

Lancome 5 miles/$1

Walgreens 3 miles/$1

Dell 4 miles/$1

Nordstrom 5 miles/$1

Macy’s 4 miles/$1

Target 4 miles/$1

UGG 6 miles/$1

Anthropology 8 miles/$1

Game Stop 4 miles/$1

Most of them are offering free shipping (with minimum spend), extra savings and other bonus items.

To make it even more worth your while, go to the store offering bonuses for buying gift cards. buy your gift cards with your mileage credit card. Get the bonus at the store ( I get the Vons gas rewards). This way you’re getting bonuses 3 ways.

Happy Shopping! If you find any great deals please share with me. I love hearing great deal and great frugal stories. I will try to keep you posted with any new bonuses.

Lands’ End is offering a 500 mile bonus when you spend $75 or more plus 3 miles/$1 offer good till 11/15/2014.