Frugal Tip Of The Day

This is my frugal tip of the day page. I will try to post a frugal tip everyday (with the exception of when I am traveling).

Tip #1: For a weekend road trip, consider renting a car.My friend needed a slightly bigger car to drive to Las Vegas. We reserved a car through her sky mileage account to earn miles. This car was only $66 for 4 days. If the car gets 30-35 miles per the gallon, this could actually save you money. She earned sky miles, got a little better gas mileage, had more room, and saved the wear and tear on her car.

Tip #2: Bring your water bottle with you empty through security at the airport, fill it up on the other side. This will save you $4 at the airport. Bring it with you when you are touring around and fill it up at the hotel.If there is a Starbucks or other coffee shop, their water is generally triple filtered. This will save you money everyday.

Tip #3: Foaming hand soaps, use a smaller amount of soap. When the soap runs out, just put 1/10th of the bottle with cheap refill soap, the rest water. Screw the lid back on, and shake it up. This is probably $.10 to refill. To buy the bottles new, the retail is $3.50-5 a bottle. Significant savings to put aside towards travel (that is what I do with the savings).

Tip #4: Get your fruit and vegetables at the $.99 store. These are fresh (or you can pick the fresh ones) and they are cheap. They had a bundle of asparagus, artichoke, spinach, red peppers, grapes and avocado I scored today. The grapes at the regular grocery store are $1.99/per lb and I know the avocados are $1.50 each. Pretty sure the asparagus was running $2.99 a bundle at my regular shopping place.

Tip #5: Check your cell phone bill and see if you qualify for any discounts. Being a certain employee or belonging to a club (IE: Costco, AAA, AARP) can score you up to a 20% discount. Make a call or go online and inquire.

Tip #6: Instead of buying new boots or shoes, clean and polish the ones you have. Then go to the Dollar Store or $.99 Store and get new inner soles. This way they are more comfortable too.


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