The deal of the day is a Groupon deal. I have been wanting a “Twist and Shout mop”, these mops are normally $49.99-$65 per mop set. Today I found this deal on Groupon

I took it one step further and went to my local grocery store, they are offering 4 times the rewards points for gift cards. I used my rewards credit card and earned some sky mileage. Plus, Groupon is offering free shipping for purchases over $19.99. I ended up with 4 deals!

Check out the deals and let me know the great ones you find.

I saw this great deal for an under the bed shoe organizer at

I am going to get organized and donate (for the tax write-off) or sell all my unwanted items and make some money!This will be saved for some future trips. Yay! I love saving money, just as much as traveling. This way I get to do both.

When I was checking out I saw this deal for a 10 pk of neutral colored camis for $29 plus free shipping at That is $2.90 a piece. I always use these. I usually pay $5.99 plus tax each for them. If you do not need ten and you have a friend the same size, split it with her.

Know of any good deals? Everyone is always on the hunt for a good deal.