I am still traveling and I am still blogging. It has been a busy year. I have spent most of my time working on Frugal Intentional Traveler Facebook page, working on travel decor, taking a few trips and living frugally. My plan is to post my adventures soon. Today I am home sick and my sewing machine is in Pasadena, so its time for me to update the blog. I am not one to sit back and let the grass grow under my feet.

Over the past months, my boyfriend bought a house. It’s in a great neighborhood, with amazing views. This house is a complete fixer upper. So now it is time to find the balance of fixing the house up (frugally as possible) and traveling to cool places. This is quite the balance. We live 2.5 hours apart. I have many ideas and plans but both of us work full-time and only see each other 3 weekends a month. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and have to slow down, on purpose, to not overwhelm Mark.

Besides working, traveling, remodeling, writing the blog and Facebook page, I am wanting to do a home decor online business. Years ago I sold Southern Living at Home. I loved all of their product and still use it every day. I miss selling that product. I decided to do a business of my own. Why not? I enjoy doing it and I get to travel around looking for product. Soon I will be listing items for sale. They will probably be travel inspired. I hope to have a successful business that will support my travel.

I took a couple of trips to Charleston again. I also traveled to Spain. We took a few day trips to some central coast locations as well. We are in the process of planning our trips for this year. The up coming blog posts will touch base on all I have mentioned. I will have plenty of pictures and references for my inspirations. Sometimes one thing or idea leads to another for me. Most of my inspiration is from travel (or shopping). Pinterest and Craigslist are two of my favorites.

I am excited to get all my thoughts on paper. I hope your excited to see the posts and my crazy adventures. Hopefully they will be inspiring to you and your crazy adventures.