Last week was my birthday. Yes I am blessed to have been born December 30th. The frugal side of me thinks what a great tax deduction I was for my parents. Being born so close to Christmas and the day before New Years Eve has sometimes not always been fun. A lot of times I would celebrate it on New Years Eve. This year I found it was great to celebrate on my official birthday. Thanks to some friends, I got to celebrate frugally, my favorite way.

Did you know you can go to Catalina Island, California on your birthday for freeeeee??? Thanks to my friends, I found this wonderful news out the day before my birthday.I decided to go. I left out of San Pedro Harbor. I had to register there an hour before the boat left. You can do it online the day before or earlier too. They give you a birthday ribbon to wear, and a list of deals on the island for your birthday. This free trip included round trip boat ferry to/from Catalina. You have to leave on your actual birthday, and you can stay for up to 30 days. 16146067556_304922e0ea_m

While on the island I had a list of free and discounted deals. I took advantage of the free coffee, free meal, and free tour of the Wrigley Casino. It was a great tour of the theater and ballroom. Spectacular views off the balcony. It was too cold for the free ice cream and water sports deals. This island treated me like the birthday queen that I was. Everyone told me Happy Birthday all day long. It was a wonderful day!16171864655_61ef00ac3c_m







There are other birthday deals for me at other places. Some I still have a few more days to take advantage of. Some you have to do on your actual birthday. I feel I chose wisely. It was a great birthday. Check around your area for birthday deals. I know a lot of local coffee shops (Starbucks too) give a free drink on your birthday, IHOP and Denny’s give free breakfast. Baskin Robins, Cold Stone and Farrells gives free ice cream. Register for Sephora and get a free gift. Red Robin restaurant offers a free burger. There are many more. Just take a look a month before your birthday and register when necessary. You can have a frugal, fun birthday too.