My love for travel is not just the site seeing or culture, a big part is the food. I love trying the native food. Sitting in a cafe enjoying a meal and soaking up the ambiance around me. It is a great experience, these are times when wonderful memories are made. I never did try snails in France, but honestly I never really saw them on the menu. I did try coq a vin, it was delicious. Some other interesting food I have tried is alligator in Charleston and New Orleans.


Coq au vin

My favorite foods I think of is this seven cheese dish I ate on the Amalfi Coast. I don’t even know what it is called, but every time I talk about it I crave it. Shrimp and Grits at Crave right by Kiawah Beach, Charleston. Sweet potato pancakes at Eli’s Table in Charleston. Crab dip at Harry’s in Jacksonville, FL. Pizza from Gino’s in Chicago. The bagels on the street corners of New york city. Etouffee shrimp omelette at Mother’s in New Orleans. Champagne in Paris. Cappuccino in Italy. “The Reggie”at Pine State Biscuit in Portland. French toast at Grub in Los Angeles. The list is endless. When I think of these foods, I get a smile on my face. The memories flood my mind.
In preparation for my trips I check into the foods native to the area. I see what the English version is as well as in the native language. I make a list of the foods I definitely want to try. I also make a list of the foods that I wouldn’t. I am personally not fond of duck pate, mayo, intestines, liver, or brains.To me, being adventurous is one thing, feeling nauseous for the day is not part of a vacation. Another very important thing to do before going to a foreign country is learn the translation for foods you are allergic to ( always bring Benadryl or your epi-pen). Again we do not want to ruin vacations, touring a hospital is not top of the vacation fun list.


Shrimp n Grits


Crab Cakes


Chicken n Waffles

Beef sirloin

Beef Sirloin with Dumplings and a vegetable Cream Sauce


Hungarian Goulash

In my up coming travels I have scoped a few things already. I know the restaurants I want to try in Charleston. When it comes to Prague and Budapest I am relying on the locals suggestions. I know I will definitely try the local beer and wine. Both Countries serve good wine (so I have heard), but the Czech Republic is known for excellent beer.So when in Rome do like the Romans do or in this case, when in Hungary do like the Hungarians do.


Hungarian Wine

  • Beer

    Czech Beer

I would love to hear about your favorite foods. Weather it be on a trip or where you live.