It has happened again, another plane diverted to Jacksonville today because there was an altercation with a passenger wanting to recline their seat. Last week there was 2 similar incidences. Is this right? If you pay for a seat, don’t you have the right to recline it? One of these incidences happened on a United flight in Economy Plus. There is 5 extra inches in Economy plus. Why can’t you recline your seat?

Apparently the latest incident, one of the woman involved, demanded the plane to land. The pilot had no other choice. The woman was arrested. I think rightly so. This was a very selfish move on her part. Just because she had someone invade her space a little she throws a fit and demands the plane to land? How old is this lady? Did she not learn sharing?

I learned the day before the first incident about the seat locker (knee protector). It said it was FAA approved. If you read the policies of the airlines, it is highly frowned upon. This started me thinking on my up coming travel. I pray I do not encounter this issue. If I do, I am not getting in a knock down (drag me off the plane) fight. I am simply going to get the flight attendant and ask him/her to solve the issue or ask politely to be moved to another seat.

Hopefully all the attention seekers are done with their little stunts and do not cause everyone to be inconvenienced again. What are your thoughts on this latest events?