Yesterday I was flying home from Norfolk, Va. The flight was full. I was offered a$300 voucher for future travel to give up my seat. I said I would consider it. When I got to the gate I inquired about this. The gate attendant said she needed just one. This was primarily for a minor traveling alone. I felt $300 was kinda low. I said if she could do $500? We went back and forth and agreed on $450, hotel voucher ( got Hilton points too), food vouchers ( she threw those in) and first class.

Instead of getting home at 1 am I am getting in at 3 pm. I personally find this was an exceptional deal. I have my voucher for my next trip. This now became a two for one deal.

Someone just asked me ” Are you one of those crazy people who give up their seat?” For the most part, yes, yes I am. I feel I get to travel more because of a few sacrifices. Sometimes it depends how sweet the pot is. The moral of the story is bargain for more. Always be kind to the ticket agent, their job is stressful. If your kind and calm they can make it a great deal.

Happy traveling ( frugally)!