This week at Von’s grocery stores is a great deal on gift cards. Spend a minimum of $150 on participating gift cards (Best Buy, Toys r Us, Macy’s, iTunes, Regal, AMC, Gap, Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, Sephora, Petgo, Micheal’s, Lowe’s, Amazon, Forever 21, Kohl’s, and quite a few more) receive $25 off your next purchase. You will also receive 4x’s the gas rewards. This is the perfect time to get all these rewards, then use the cards next week on Black Friday. I take this money and save for future travel.

At Farm Fresh Grocery stores for each $100 dollars on participating gift cards you receive $20 off of groceries. I do not know exactly which cards are participating, please read the fine print listed at the store. I do know you can receive gas rewards with their store program.

If you are buying $200 or more, ring them up separately. For example: if you are buying $300 in gift cards at Vons, separate them into $150 increments and ring them up in 2 transactions. This will give you 2-$25 off you next shopping trip.

Are the grocery stores in your area offering special deals? Please let me know. Thank you and happy saving!

Gift Cards