Some questions I get asked quite a bit are “How can you travel so much?” and “How can you afford it?” I have different replies. It depends on the day. My most famous is “I am frugal”. There are many ways to save money and eventually I hope to touch base on most of them. I am always learning and finding new ways. This post is going to touch base on just a few.

One of my big ways to save money is at the grocery store. I have an app on my phone which has special deals. I also clip coupons and watch the sale ads every week. I really only buy things when they are on sale. If I can pair it up with a coupon, then it is a real a bonus. You can combine manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons together. Some stores will double coupons (I really miss that at my store). When I get a good deal on staple items (shredded cheddar cheese) I buy 2 and freeze one. To some the little savings don’t seem like a big deal, but they all add up.

I always check the deals on gift cards. Every grocery store carries a variety of gift cards. From time to time there are special incentives. This is such a great opportunity to stock up. Last week there was 15% off of Itunes, AMC and a few others. The week before last, you could purchase a $50.00 Cheesecake Factory gift card for $40. Just the few months before Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day you can get a $50 gift card for $35.00. I stock pile these cards and use them when I travel, to buy things I need or as gifts. If I need something I usually can find a gift card for it. I like to buy Groupons and there is a gift card for that too.

Another incentive for buying gift cards at the store I shop at is that the store gives me 5 times the gas rewards! I can save gas rewards up to a $1.00 off per 25 gallons. This is a $25.00 savings. I make sure I use all 25 gallons too. I use my credit card (which I earn reward points on) to buy the cards. In some ways I am getting 3 benefits, buying the cards at a discount, getting a dollar off per gallon of gas and reward points on my credit card (which I use for travel).

What are some ways you save money while shopping? Please let us know by commenting below. Happy savings!